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Virtual Hero Setup
Virtual Hero Setup

What is a Virtual Hero Station?

Virtual Hero Station is a new party favor attraction just like our AIR Graffiti and Video Flip, but this time the Party Favor is a GAME APP branded with the event theme, where the GUEST IS THE HERO!!

What is the work flow at event?

  • The guest chooses between 3* games that are presented to them.
  • The guest puts on the green screen skirt and have their picture taken.
  • A photo with the Game Poster is merged with the guest’s face and then is printed
    Virtual Hero Step 1
    Take a Photo on Green Screen

    on photo paper and handed to the guest.

  • The photo also has a QR Code, once scanned the game is downloaded to the guest’s smartphone.
  • The guest now has a gaming app with HIM/HERSELF as the HERO. What an amazing party favor!!!
  • We also bring a touch screen monitor to events and/or IPad stations that let guests play with their personal games at the event from a gallery that hold all the games with the faces
    Choose a game
    Choose a Game

    that were already captured at the event. Extra fun included!!!

* 3 is the default, you can order more games if you like.

What are the benefits from VIRTUAL HERO station?

  • Quick ROI, a gift of a virtual game costs you nothing!! You will pay for 1 operator and the photo with the code only to run the event and the rest is your revenue!!! AMAZING!!!
  • Pay once and the software is yours, no revenue share.
  • Play your game at the event
    Play Your Game at the Event
  • A party favor that involves a gaming experience just like AIR Graffiti and Video Flip, it’s a winner!
  • Bring something new before your competition will.

What our branding options?

At all events ranging from Bar Mitzvahs to Corporate events, you want to brand the game according to the theme of the event. We have developed the games in such a way that you can put your own background, your own logo in designated areas in the game. All you need

Play your game at home
Play Your Game at Home

is to point the Virtual Hero Software to your assets and you have those games branded.

What is required to run Virtual Hero at events?

  • Virtual Hero Software
  • Virtual Hero Games
  • Green Screen backdrop and skirt
  • Digital Camera
  • Dye Sub Printer
    Hero Dress Up
    Hero Dress Up Screenshot
  • Games Poster to choose from.
  • 3 IPads stations to let the guests play with their games.(optional)

Virtual Hero’s Party Favor Games

Hero Dress Up icon_96

Hero Dress Up

Hero dress up is the first game of a series of games designed for Virtual Hero Software. In this game the event guest as the hero dresses himself/herself and save/share the result when they are done.

Hit The Hero icon_96

Hit The Hero
Hit The Hero Screenshot

Hit The Hero

Hit the Hero is the second of a series of games designed for Virtual Hero Software. In this game, the event guest needs to hit himself as fast he/she can just like the old game that we all loved, hit the mole, but be careful not to hit the rabbit!

Hero Jump icon_96

Hero Jump

Hero Jump is the third of a series of games designed for Virtual Hero Software. In this game, the event guest needs to jump towards the top and beat the record by climbing the hero tower.

Hero Jump
Hero Jump Screenshot

How much does it cost?

Virtual Hero lifetime license costs $3950. It is a one-time fee and include one year of free heads and background hosting; the software is yours for life, after the first year, the faces and branded assets hosting have a yearly fee of $350 that also include free upgrades and phone and email support. Once purchase is done you will also get a list of recommended compatible hardware brands and supplementary products.

Will you be able to develop my or my customer’s custom game?

If you have an idea, we can develop the games for you! Our professional service team will contact you to develop your game to incorporate with VIRTUAL HERO software.