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Virtual Graffiti Wall
Virtual Graffiti Wall

What is AIR Graffiti?

AIR Graffiti is a unique and exciting product that allows creation of digital graffiti on a designated wall.

Easy to deploy and out of the ordinary attraction is sure to become a major hit at every party or celebration, attracting the attention of everybody present. An amazing party favor, AIR Graffiti is the best and the most popular product of its kind.


How does Air Graffiti work?

Interactive Graffiti Wall
Interactive Graffiti Wall

As you press the infrared spray, it emits an infrared light beam, which is tracked by the computer. The dedicated AIR Graffiti software converts the beam into an image that appears on the projector screen as known as Digital Graffiti Wall, creating a vibrant and colorful drawing.

The graffiti itself is a digital image file that can be printed and/or shared via social media etc. You also have an option of saving the drawing process itself as a video file.

Different techniques can be used to create air graffiti: spraying, using stencils and applying specialized painting methods – just like the “regular” graffiti. Air Graffiti also includes a selection of predefined backgrounds and branded covers, allowing you to adding a logo for giveaways, promotions and advertising. to read more on how AIR Graffiti works visit the digital graffiti software page.


What is required to operate AIR Graffiti?

AIR Graffiti Wall
AIR Graffiti Wall

In addition to AIR Graffiti Software license we offer* two must-have components: the infrared webcam and the infrared graffiti spray cans. Other than that you will require:

  • Rear Projector Screen / Enclosure
  • Laptop
  • Short Throw Projector
  • Dye Sub Photo Printer
  • Digital Camera
  • Tripod
  • Wireless Keyboard
AIR Graffiti
AIR Graffiti @ the event

Once you purchase AIR Graffiti software we will send you the recommended hardware list with several brands options all been tested in Foto Master lab.


Why Choose AIR Graffiti?

  • Unique attraction activity: the guests will be enthralled!
  • Huge ROI: with standard rental fee of around $1800 for 4 hours you will return the investment after just a handful of events!
  • No annual fees, no revenue share: pay a one-time fee and the software is yours for life.
  • State of the art cutting-edge technology: developed by Boaz Telem, known for his dedication to quality and innovation.
  • You are not alone (1): Air Graffiti is the Most Popular digital graffiti software in the world today.
  • You are not alone (2): Free and unlimited technical, sales, and marketing Support.
Green Screen Graffiti Before
Green Screen Graffiti Before


How much does it cost?

AIR Graffiti lifetime license costs $4950. It is a one-time fee; the software is yours for life. The price includes free phone and email support, comprehensive user-friendly guide with training manuals and videos* and free upgrades for one year**. You also get a list of recommended compatible hardware brands and supplementary products.

In addition you will require an infrared webcam, which costs $195 and infrared graffiti spray cans ($89 each).

Green Screen Graffiti After
Green Screen Graffiti After

Special offer: along with AIR Graffiti package you will receive dozens of leads from us and we will add you to our AIR Graffiti rental locations map.

* Out-of-area training/support not included
** Renewal option cost: $450 per year.


Notable Product Features

    • Multi-user software – several people can spray at the same time
    • 100% accurate drawing with no delay
AIR Graffiti Wall
AIR Graffiti Wall
    • Rich color palette, Cool air-sol spray sound effect, Size/Blur/Alpha support
    • Background photo, Green screen backdrop photo
    • Save, email and print the graffiti with a push of a button
    • Share the graffiti on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr etc. quickly and easily
    • Save drawing process to video
    • Collect and store users emails
    • Branded cover, collection of cool stencils and stamps
    • Erase draw, Clear wall, Undo & Redo options
Graffiti Car Mapping
Graffiti Car Mapping
  • Count back timer, Autosave, No Operator Mode, Advanced settings
  • Supports IR and interactive technology (2 in 1)
  • Can run on a Multi Touch Screen as well and Rear Projection Graffiti Wall
  • Draw shapes (square ,circle, line, fill)
  • And more…


Who can benefit from AIR Graffiti?

AIR Graffitig
AIR Graffiti

AIR Graffiti is an outstanding product that will help you generate more income from parties and events. Whether you are a DJ, run a photo booth company, have a party rentals firm or manage an entertainment center, you can offer AIR Graffiti to your clients, taking their celebration to a whole new level. In fact, you can even use AIR Graffiti to enter the entertainment business – the superb software will make a reliable cornerstone for your company!

What’s next?

Ready to move forward? Have an additional question? Do not hesitate to contact us here.

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