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Flipbook Printer

What is Flipbook Printer?

Video Flip Creator software, also called by some “Flipbook Printer”, allows you to print flipbooks at events and parties. Video Flip Creator is the most advanced and highest quality Flipbook Printer in the market today and is used by more than 100 customers all over the world.

Flipbook Printer

What I need to buy to assemble such a perfect Flipbook Printer Station?

To have your own Flipbook Printer setup, you will need to have:

  • Video Flip Creator
  • Color Laser Printer
  • Business Card Cutter
  • TV & Touch Screen with stand
  • Laptop
  • Samper
  • Cool Props

What are the consumables and what will be our cost per book?

The consumables are papers and printer ink. The most expensive part is the printer ink and thus per book one will pay 1 to 3 USD. When is it 1 and when is it 2? It all depends on the quality of the compatible ink that you can find. If you don’t want to compensate on quality, you use original ink that will cost you 2 to 3 dollars per book depending on if you use green screen or not. It is possible to use compatible ink that may save you 50%, but there is a small reduction in quality. Make sure to choose what suits you and your market and charge accordingly.


What are the features that the software has?

Video Flip Creator also know as “Flipbook Printer” has so many features, it will blow your guests’ minds! Check out the product page here to see all the features. Let me outline here the most interesting ones:

    • Fully Branded – the software background and logo can be changed to yours
    • Best Green Screen Supported – the best Green Screen Technology already implemented
    • Overlay PNG can be loaded on top of the guests
    • Custom Cards
    • Flying Text
    • Effects
    • QR Code for online flipbook sharing
    • Convert a Video to Flipbook

and many more…

How Much Can I Charge for Flipbook Printer at Events?

It depends on your country and market. In most areas in the US the price is around $450 per hour with minimum of 3 hours event. Flip Book Printing is amazing for Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate events, Fundraisers, and more.


What’s next?

Download our free trial version and evaluate our Flipbook Printer Software.
Read more about flipbook software here, or contact us for more info.

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