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Over 200 event rental companies and entertainment centers are using Foto Master products, among them:

A pioneer in event entertainment, Foto Master offers four innovative products: AIR Graffiti, Video Flip Creator, Bobble Heads and Virtual Hero. The four comprehensive packages designed and developed with the purpose of creating exceptional out-of-the-ordinary attractions in parties and celebrations, acting as a jewel in the crown and turning the event into a truly unforgettable one, both for hosts and guests.

AIR Graffiti is a revolutionary product that allows quick and easy creation of Graffiti-like painting on a designated screen.

Video Flip Creator is a state of the art software that creates flipbooks for party guests and hosts in less than 90 seconds!

Bobble Heads is a unique and surprising attraction for events, and a new and exciting party favor.

Virtual Hero is a new party favor attraction where the Party Favor is a game app which is personalized and branded with the event theme, where the guest is the hero!

The ROI for those products is remarkable: using those products will result in a quick return of your money within just a few rentals! Moreover, the investment itself is not that big! That is why there are many newcomers to the entertainment rentals niche that opt for AIG Graffiti and/or Video Flip Creator as their primary product, but of course, both will serve a superb addition to the arsenal of an established party rental business or a popular entertainment center.

Another important motive that guided the design is the usability and user-friendliness. The setup of AIR Graffiti and the Video Flip is fairly simple, and we are happy to supply all the required non-standard parts, such as infrared graffiti spray cans and infrared webcam.

In addition to the state of the art software, Foto Master will provide a reliable and trustworthy company with profound reputation of top class service and high quality technical support. We pursue perfection, striving to improve the features by tuning them up and releasing new versions and updates.

To learn more about AIR Graffiti and Video Flip Creator, just check the respective products page for a complete list of features, requirements and pricing.